This is me…. Ambria

Hello beautiful people!

Ambria here…and I am so excited you stopped on by to get to know me a little bit better. After all, when we work together you do become part of my family. YAY!! I do have a large family, so the more the merrier. The reason I am here is to create a memorable experience for you and your family.  Capturing your personality is exactly what I try to do.  Every photo shoot is customized to YOU! Why? Because you are AWESOME!

I would describe my Brides as the radiant, classic and timeless brides. They love the classiness of my simple and elegant photos, that won’t date themselves over time. As I look at my grandparents wedding photos, I think to myself, how cool is this that I can create these memorable images for generations to come for my own clients. Can you believe your kids and grandkids will be marveling at your wedding photos some day? OH, I CAN!!

Along with weddings, I also shoot engagements, family, kids and seniors.  Each of those experiences are unique and different from any other photo shoot.  Again, your personality is the key ingredient to my photos, because again, YOU ARE AWESOME, and getting to know you and your family is the best part of my job!

With fifteen…yes fifteen (wow has it been that long already) years of experience, I can proudly say that I can create beautiful images under any circumstance. So don’t worry if it is raining on your wedding day, or it downpours on your engagement session, because we will rock that session no matter what. I owe a lot of thanks to my alma mater, Indiana Wesleyan University who gave me a great education and degree in Graphic Design and Photography and taught me how to love people while providing an excellent service.

10 things you may not know about me:

1. Obsessed with coffee..OH YA! BLACK coffee!

2. Coffee Mug collector...Mugs are like the finishing touch to a good cup of coffee.

3. I always crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays, go figure!

4. If you follow me on social media, you probably will see a lot of adorable photos of my niece and nephews. 

5. Passionate about cancer research.  I raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society because my grandfather passed away from Multiple Myeloma Cancer.

6. I was a college cheerleader....take me back to those days!!

7. Favorite sports teams are the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Indians, and The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

8. Love to travel.  I have been to Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, England, France and Scotland. LETS TRAVEL :)

9. Favorite color to decorate with is the absence of all color...WHITE!

10. Favorite thing to photograph by far are Weddings. I love meeting new couples, documenting their special day, and creating life long friends in the process.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about my passion and why I do photography.   Your experience with me is very important.  Contact me anytime if you have a question, I would be more than happy to answer it.